Greetings from Cape Sheridan!

Genny and Susan have reached Cape Sheridan, after several flights, but there’s a problem – due to fog and bad weather, they were forced to land on the opposite side of the river from Robert Peary’s camp, where most of the archaeological sites are!

Play this audio clip to hear Susan describe their journey North, and give her impressions of the harsh, beautiful environment.

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Cape Sheridan!

  1. Hi Susan~Just listened to you talking about the landing on the ‘wrong” side of the river: frustrating but certainly exciting! Lise and I are visiting in Portland…staying with Hannah and Adam. Yesterday we hiked out on the coast…spectacular views of the Pacific across the Salmon River to Camp Westwind, where years ago, I used to take kids. There was a YWCA camp, but I’m not sure it’s still there. Great to see, even if not quite the views you are getting up Nawth!

    Hannah sends her love so do we all!

    Cheers, and looking forward to hearing how you build a rope bridge to get across the river…


  2. Hi Sue,

    Not sure if you got my last note…think I sent it to myself. Enjoyed your post about landing on the wrong side of the river…look forward to hearing how you build a rope bridge to get to the other side! Sides just amazing. Lise and I are in Oregon, did some hiking on the coast, seeing friends, going to two weddings, and visiting with Hannah and Adam. Hannah and I will be hiking up MT. St. Helens in a couple of days…not like your adventure, but might be exciting, depending on weather.
    Much to love to ya, and keep dodging the skeeters,

    Bill, Lise, Hannah and Adam

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