Farthest North

To this day, Arctic explorers and travelers delight in comparing notes on their most northerly experiences. At Cape Sheridan we were very aware of not only how remote our camp was, but how far north it was. Examining maps, we continue to be astonished at how far north we really were.
Explorers such as Peary were obsessed with reaching as far north as they possibly could go. We were primarily interested in the archaeological sites we had come to document, but even so, took the time to note our own farthest north.

Samson, with Peary, Fred, Genny and Susan at their farthest north

While explorers often engaged in heroic feats to reach their farthest north we marked ours with a pleasant picnic overlooking Mann Bay, slightly farther north than our camp on the Sheridan River. Peary of course joined us that day, revisiting a spot he had last seen when Bartlett coaxed the Roosevelt to it’s farthest north, just two miles beyond Cape Sheridan, in the vicinity of Mann Bay.


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